Productivity Improvements

Important and sustained improvements to tunneling rates and mine productivity by implementing quality control and standard procedures specific to the mine, by improving communication between shifts and through coordination between operations, purchasing, maintenance and technical services.
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Underground Engineering

Whillans Mine Studies Ltd. has operating experience in cost compilation and is sensitive to the importance of indirect and fixed costs as well as realistic time frame estimates in providing information for operating decisions. We provide long-term conceptual schedules and short-term schedules for guiding mine production and identifying future setbacks in production.

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  • Identification of key areas requiring improvement
  • Review of mining cycles and methods,
  • Setting of goals and description of steps required to achieve goals
  • Collaboration implementing improvements over a set time frame

Parallel to Optimization

  • Review of operational costs, production schedules and mining controls.
  • Assessment of risks related to production planning and execution
  • Assistance in establishing exploration, mining and process priorities
  • Troubleshooting
  • Trade-off studies
  • Assistance with decision making


  • NI43-101 Scoping and Pre-feasibility Studies
  • Due Diligence Studies
  • Internal Audits

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Collaboration with improvements to management structures
  • Streamlining of reporting procedures, content and structure
  • Assistance in establishing key performance indicators, job descriptions and evaluation procedures
  • Assistance developing operating standards and procedures
  • Mentoring of personnel

Training and Upgrading

  • Assessment of training needs
  • Evaluation of existing training methods and personnel skills level
  • Assistance with efficient use of mining software

Procurement of Personnel, Equipment

  • Miners and mine supervision
  • Mine equipment.

Our Approach

We have encountered skilled and motivated personnel at each mine we have visited and have concluded that improved transparency and simplicity in mine planning would greatly benefit the operations. We work with systems in place at each mine, making improvements and strengthening them where required. This leads to improvements in production, safety and other areas; resulting in a planning process that can be understood by all.


  • Mining Cycle Improvements
  • Management & Supervision
  • Analysis of Mining Methods
  • Ore Body Studies
  • Mining Software Training
  • Underground Designs