We take pride in maintaining strong, ongoing professional relationships with our past and current clients in various countries. The following outlines examples of our work.

Productivity Improvements

Important and sustained improvements to tunneling rates and mine productivity
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Underground Engineering

Whillans Mine Studies Ltd. has operating experience in cost compilation and is sensitive to the importance of indirect and fixed costs as well as realistic time frame estimates in providing information for operating decisions. We provide long-term conceptual schedules and short-term schedules for guiding mine production and identifying future setbacks in production.

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Project Locations

Current and Recent Proyects: in Mexico, Colombia and Nicaragua

Partial List:

  • Akie Project, BC, Canada
  • SREP Project, Tumeremo, Venezuela
  • Velardeña Mine, Durango, Mexico
  • Mana Mine, Burkina Fasso
  • El Mochito Mine, Honduras
  • Ocampo Mine, Chihuahua ,Mexico
  • Eskay Creek Mine, BC, Canada
  • Mina María Cananea, Mexico
  • Cascade Power Project, BC, Canada
  • Bulyanhulu Mine, Tanzania
  • Bonanza Mine, Nicaragua
  • El Cubo Mine, Guanajuato, Mexico
  • Guanajuato Mines, Guanajuato, México
  • Guanaceví Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico
  • Cominvi S.A. de C.V.
  • Myra Falls Mine, BC, Canada
  • Premier Gold Mine, Stewart, BC, Canada
  • Salmita Mine, NWT, Canada
  • Snap Lake Mine, NWT, Canada
  • Tom Claims Project Mac Pass, YT/NWT, Canada
  • Whitehorse Copper Mine, YT, Canada
  • Williams Mine, Ontario, Canada
  • Idaho-Maryland Mine, California
  • Éléonore Project, Quebec
  • Benson Lake Mine, BC, Canada
  • Pinos Altos Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico
  • Backyrchik Mine, Kazakhstan
  • Vatukuola Mine, Fiji
  • Willa Project, BC, Canada
  • Trout Lake Mine, BC, Canada
  • Aljustrel Mine, Portugal
  • Kupol Mine, Russia
  • Wolverine Mine, Yukon Territory, Canada
  • Tulsequah Chief Mine, BC, Canada
  • Curraghinalt Project, North Ireland
  • Agua Rica Project, Argentina
  • Boka Project, China
  • Efemçukuru Project, Turkey
  • Kemess Mine, BC, Canada
  • Futaleufú Hydroelectric Proyect, Chubut, Argentina
  • Nuestra Señora Mine, Cosalá, Mexico
  • Malmbjerg Project, Greenland

Mines visited, partial list:

  • Callinan Mine, Flin Flon, MB, Canada
  • David Bell Mine, Ontario, Canada
  • Golden Giant, Ontario, Canada
  • Mwadui Mine, Tanzania
  • Stillwater Mine Montana, United States
  • T1, T3, Birch Tree mines, Thompson Manitoba Canada
  • Campbell Mine, Ontario, Canada
  • Red Lake Gold Mine, Ontario, Canada
  • TauTona Mine, South Africa
  • Utah Copper Mine, BC, Canada
  • Winston Lake Mine, Schreiber Ontario, Canada