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Here are some counter-productive practises I have come across:

Hiding high grade ore in a raise badly needed for ventilation and insisting that the raise was filled with waste. Emptying the raise on the weekend and then filling it up again.

Exaggeration of both grade (by 100%) and then tonnage output by (100%) at an operation lacking the means to reconcile production from different mines.

Driving a spiral ramp down from surface to a place that had access via another ramp system as well as an adit from surface.

Installing a mill before accessing the mine and then finding out the mine would not make money ? That has happened numerous times.

Lots more examples I wish I could share.

Although some say the client is always right, I consider that the cost of going against our common sense and best practices is much higher we think. Moreover, the choices we make in this regard will determine the work environments in which we prosper and the work environments in which we starve for air. Considering that our work becomes a lifestyle and that the majority of us spend more time at work than we do with our families, who do you want surrounding you during your hours at work? Paul Tim

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