Practicas Contra-Productivas y Etica

Disculpe que este comentario no haya sido traducido Here are some counter-productive practises I have come across: Hiding high grade ore in a raise badly needed for ventilation and insisting that the raise was filled with waste. Emptying the raise on the weekend and then filling it up again. Exaggeration of both grade (by 100%) and then tonnage output by (100%) at an operation lacking the means to reconcile production from different mines. Driving a spiral ramp down from surface to a place that had access via another ramp system as well as…continue reading →

Taladros de 30m Verticales?

Discuple que este comentario no haya sido traducido Boart has an extensive experience with drilling and blasting up hole drop raises in one shot without a Machines Roger hole. I would recommend a Machines Roger V30, then you should be able to do 20m-25m reliably in one shot. I have no experience with 30m upholes and would stay away from it. How do you know where the holes end up and how would you find out which way they deviated without allowing for: 1. using some expensive technological gear, 2. the time to…continue reading →

Como Procesar CMS

Disculpe que este comentario no haya sido traducido I am not sure how some properties of CMS pick-ups could be handled automatically by various software packages: How does your software handle self-intersecting faces inside the solid? When you hit water with the laser at a certain angle, the laser sometimes bounces off like a mirror and you get the correct angles from the laser but an erroneous distance. When the laser hits a bolt or screen sticking out from the back or wall into the stope void it will register as a point on…continue reading →

Uso de Clinometro en Verificar Taladros Largos

Discuple que este comentario no haya sido traducido In order to take the reading on the dip, you have to be in line with the hole and when you are checking a ring it becomes apparent whether you are lined up on the ring or not. It takes an interest and effort to do the work and in most mines there is not an interest to do this basic work; may because it is too often assigned to surveyors who have other priorities. The people doing the blast layouts, those with a vested…continue reading →